Technical Data



GloPac's ReZist-It® panel is a highly insulated structural-grade "Super-Efficient" panel, known as the ReZist-It® Panel for use in pre-engineered panelized construction. A variety of materials may be used for panel faces and insulation providing the customer with a full range of options to satisfy specific applications and locations.


5/16-inch MgO board
Patented 18 gauge G-90 galvanized structural steel frame
Unistrut components and hardware
3M tape
3.4 lb. Low-Density two-part injected polyurethane insulation
Miscellaneous hardware & connectors
Conduit for Electrical raceways 


Any structure that can be built using traditional  stick framing, steel framing, or concrete block can be duplicated using the ReZist-It® system with significant time and cost savings. We know of no other system to be as flexible in the nature of environmental adjustment as the ReZist-It® panels for homes, cottages, or light commercial applications. 


Mold, dry-rot, water damage, termite infestations, wind, 3.5 hour fire rating (Class I) and meets Zone IV earthquake specifications.


Intertek (data available upon request)
Labock Technologies: Ballistic Standards for our ballistic panel.

Energy Rating:    

A 4½ inch thick wall panel offers an insulation rating of R-31+ and the 6½ inch roof and floor panels offer an R-40. The thickness of the panels used in the floor, walls and roof can be adjusted in thickness for more or less insulation value depending upon the need. GloPac panels will resist heat gain and heat loss 80% better than conventional construction and will pay back the panel costs in 5-8 years in energy savings.


ReZist-It® panels achieve a significant degree of strength through its unique construction: with two skins of 5/16 inch MgO board, set into a patented structural, G-90 galvanized steel frame. A ReZist-It® panel is resistant to excessive wind loads, earthquakes, flood and fire.

The ReZist-It® core consists of low-density two-part injected polyurethane insulation. This insulation foam is injected into the panel through a pre-drilled hole in the frame and then expands and cures, filling the air cavity within the panel, to about 3.4 density. The liquid foam forms an extremely strong bond to the exterior skins and internal steel members of the panel as the foam cures. After final cure, the low-density urethane provides a very high insulation value and added adhesive strength to the panel.

The steel frame is fastened together by GloPac's patented connection and locking system, similar in strength to a moment frame, through post-tensioning using threaded rods, which connect the top plate to the bottom plate and into the foundation. The rods are located between each panel thereby increasing the compression, tensile strength, racking shear, twisting and moment of overturn. This helps to alleviate damage from point loads due to excessive stress.

Energy & Space Savings:

The polyurethane foam used in GloPac's ReZist-It® panel provides a much higher R-Value per inch (or an R-Value of 8 per inch) than any other insulation material. As a comparison, a 4½ thick ReZist-It® panel will insulate better than a 9 inch thick panel that holds fiberglass insulation or a 6½ inch slab of 1-pound density expanded polystyrene (EPS). This means that GloPac's thinner (yet higher R-Value panels) do not take up as much floor space in the interior of a house. A 2 inch plus difference around the perimeter of a 24' x 44' house can mean the difference of 2,480 inches or 17 square feet more useable interior floor space in a home. 17 square feet of living space can certainly be of value when an interior is never large enough in the first place!

Readily Available:

GloPac can provide customers with a supply of ready to assemble ReZist-It® panels for homes, cottages, or light commercial applications. Panels may also be custom ordered. 

Average Cost:

GloPac panels average cost is less than $15 to $18 per square foot of floor area including interior and exterior wall panels, door headers and window header and sill panels. Custom panels for arches, gable ends, and other applications are available as well for a nominal increase in cost. 


GloPac panels have a 20 year limited warranty on manufacturing and materials only F.O.B. the factory. Labor and installation are the responsibility of the installer and owner. 

Fabrication & Delivery:

GloPac panels can be delivered with a 6 to 10 week lead time from the time the order is placed. The duration depends upon the completeness and size of the order, number of custom panels, whether GloPac has to convert a client's plans into a production order, or the distance to the job site. Each order is handled by an account manager to assure timely completion. 

Typical Panel:

When ready for shipping, the panels are inspected and placed in the shipping containers as necessary. An order form accompanies all the shipment components.


Custom finishes can be added to the typical panel but are best applied in the field. One coat from Multi-Coat® stucco is preferred when finishing the structure with stucco.